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Where ever you feel the strain, RNS can ease your pain.

Total Network Management is RNS’ premier network management and organizational system. Do you have a different need? We can co-manage your network with you or your existing IT provider for maximum benefit. This frees your time and efforts for more strategic projects. Feel like offloading some tasks? We offer these services and more ala carte.


Complete Networks

Have an underperforming network, or one that’s just “old”? We can build you an organized, consistent network that is RELIABLE for less than you might think possible.

Desktop Support

Windows, Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Line of Business apps? We can support most Windows and Mac applications. Technicians access your computer remotely to deliver fast support!

Network Infrastructure Management

Maybe you have someone who can handle the day to day but doesn’t have time to manage and organize the switches, routers, wireless access points, bridges, extenders, servers, pesky printers and all that other “stuff”. Organizing networks to a standard is our specialty.

Vendor Management

Don’t waste your valuable time battling with “tech support”. We take ownership of your issues and communicate directly with your vendors to save you time and frustration.

Firewalls and Network Security

We offer firewalls, antivirus, and complete network security packages. Technicians can monitor and maintain your network security from our Network Operations Center (built here in Muscatine). Our multi-layered approach helps eliminate security holes to keep your business safe.

Wireless Networks

Ready to cut the cord? We provide solutions that run your entire network wirelessly, so you can enjoy that mobility.

E-mail & SPAM Filtering

Clicking “Send” but the message never arrives? Supporting Microsoft Office 365 and on-premise Exchange servers is something we have been doing for years. We can help you break free from the uncertainty that traditional ISP and free e-mail services offer. If junk mail is your problem, we have reliable SPAM filtering solutions that can effectively remove over 99% of unsolicited emails.

Business Computers

That tired old computer bringing your productivity to a crawl? Speed things up with a new system from RNS, we offer computers from DELL, HP and others that can get you back in the game.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We have solutions that will ensure your data integrity and security. Cloud and on-premise backup solutions by leading vendors ensures that your data will remain safe and secure from hackers, mistakes and natural disasters. Cloud (off-site backup), hot sites and data replication are available.

Project Management

Have a pesky IT project that you just can’t get accomplished? Let us help you get your business moving in the right direction, past the project and onto profit!

Computer Leasing and Hardware-as-a-Service

RNS offers high-performance computers from such manufacturers as DELL and Lenovo.
Not ready for a large cash outlay to buy equipment? No problem!
Ask us about our leasing and Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) options for all equipment.

Let us know where we can help!